Use SyncMate To Sync Android Phones With Macs

I personally think that the idea of syncing a smartphone with a desktop computer is old school. With all of the smartphones, you can get by without connecting them to computers to sync data, provided that you have that data on a server accessible via the Internet. However, I am aware that there are some who prefer to not store there data on someone else’s computer, so for them desktop synchronization solutions are important.

Eltima Software’s SyncMate 3 supports the synchronization of contacts, calendars, pictures, and videos between Android phones and Macs. Specifically, you can sync the following with Android phones: Address Book, Entourage 2008, Outlook 2011, iCal, Safari bookmarks, Folders, Call’s history, iPhoto albums, iTunes & video, and SMS messages.

A free version of SyncMate is available that on synchronizes iCal and Address Book, and provides the ability to back up the device. The Expert version costs $39.95 and provides synchronization with all of the products listed above.