Use This Sun-Activated Coupon for Android to Get Discounted Sunscreen

A clever product promotion lets you buy discounted sunscreen by spending some time outside.

sun coupon

Here’s a clever product promotion masquerading as a coupon: Zealios, a skin-care company, is offering a digital 50 percent discount that gets activated when you spend some time out-of-doors. This is likely the most high-tech sunscreen coupon you’ll see advertised.

To use the sun-activated coupon, you will have to be on an Android phone and a Firefox browser. Once the digital coupon detects sunlight, you can use it to purchase sunscreen at 50 percent off of the company’s website, not at a brick-and-mortar store or even Amazon. Unlike other sunscreen purchased from stores, Zealios will also include sun safety tips with each purchase. Unfortunately, it means you have to go outside before having purchased discounted sun block.

As of May, 2013 the sunscreen industry was nearing $1 billion in sales — a number that’s climbing along with the rate of skin cancer. Since 2000, incidences of melanoma has been growing at 2 percent each year. With sobering statistics like that, it’s no wonder that companies like Zealios are using technology to sell more skin protectant.

Even with sunscreen, it’s likely that users are not applying them correctly. In addition to using the proper SPF levels, users should reapply sunscreen after periods of sweating or swimming. Further, it’s best to just avoid the hottest, brightest time of day between 12 and 2 p.m. This is especially important for younger children.