Use SPB Migration Tool To Migrate To Android

If you own a phone that runs Symbian or Windows Mobile, and you plan to replace it with a phone that runs Android, you might want to consider the SPB Migration Tool. The combination of application and service will migrate contacts, text messages, call history, and bookmarks to a phone running Android 2.1 or newer. Source phones must be running either Symbian S60 3rd edition or later, or Windows Mobile 5 or later.

SPB Migration Tool provides two ways to migrate data, a web migration or storage card migration. Web migration involves installing an app on the source phone, which securely transfers data to SPB’s servers, where an app running on the target phone retrieves the data to populate on the target phone.

Storage card migration requires that the source and target phones support the same type of storage card. You first prep the storage card on the Android phone, which installs an app on the card that you then run on the source phone. The app then captures the data on the source phone, after which you insert the card into the target phone, run the app again, and restore the data onto the target phone.

The entire migration process is guided by the web site, which you can check out for more information about how the process works. One drawback is that the app costs $9.95, which I think is bit expensive for a one time use application and service, but you can determine whether the data on your old phone is valuable enough to transfer with this tool.