Use Purina’s Petometer To Keep Your Pooch Healthy

Walking is not just good for humans, it’s also good for our pets. Knowing whether or not your pet is getting enough exercise can be a challenge, but an Android app called the Petometer from Purina helps by keeping track of when you walk your dog. The Petometer is a free app available in the Android Market.

One of the first things that you do when starting Petometer for the first time is enter the name of your dog, and if you like, a picture of your dog. You can enter six different dogs to track with the Petometer. When you are about to start your walk with your dog, you select the dog’s picture and then tap Start Your Walk. You hear a few barks indicating that the walk has started, and then you see the walk statistics shown in the screenshot.

Petometer uses the GPS in the phone to track your location in Google Maps. It tracks how far and how fast you walk. When you are done with the walk, tap Stop Your Walk, which opens a menu for you to share the walk on Facebook, indicate that you are done, or delete the walk. What is shared on Facebook is a combination of something you write to describe the walk, along with your name, your pet’s name, how far you walked, and a link to download the Petometer app from the Android Market.

Each walk that you take is recorded in the History section of the app, and you can view each walk on Google Maps. It would be nice if Petometer exported the data it collects so that you could sum up the amount of time and distance you and your dog have walked over a period of time. Curiously, when you first start the app, you are asked for your email address and to create a password, although I can’t tell how that information is used.

One final feature of Petometer worth noting is that it provides the ability to add appointments to your calendar to remind you to walk your dog. The Calendar section of Petometer displays a seven day view of your appointments to help you pick a time for the walk.