Use Photography to Get Noticed by Dwell

Pitch stories that focus on high-end architecture and design without the accompanying snobbery.

Dwell-ArtWhen pitching to Dwell, make sure you make it clear that you know where in the magazine your proposed article  belongs — it will help convince the editors that it belongs, full stop.

Visual aids are another way to get your pitch noticed by this upscale shelter mag focusing on architecture and design. You may write beautiful copy, but pictures provide the vision and clarity editors seek.

The ideal pitch offers a triple threat: a compelling project with interesting people involved and, most importantly, something no one else knows about. “We count on our network of contributors to keep Dwell‘s voice fresh,” said Dameron. Features run around 1,000 words. Include pics with your pitch to really sell your idea — editors see so many homes, furniture pieces and concepts that strictly print explanations are bland. Photographs need not be professional. Just help editors get a visual sense of what the story is going to be.

For additional specifics on what editors are seeking, read: How To Pitch: Dwell

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