Use Facebook, Get Audited

According to The Independent, an Irish news publication, revenue inspectors have been trawling Facebook profiles to gather information for auditing. “Evert Bopp, a Dutch technology entrepreneur, was shocked when a tax inspector produced a print out of his activities on social networking sites.” Have you been trying to avoid paying taxes? If so you may want to turn up the privacy setting on your Facebook profile because soon enough you may have an IRS inspector poking around at your pictures to see if you’ve been living beyond your reported means.

As Facebook grows in popularity, we will continue to hear reports of people getting sued, arrested and audited for compromising photos that they placed on their profile or incriminating information that they’ve written. It should be common sense that if you are breaking the law, don’t post information about it on your profile. Some criminals just aren’t smart though and they end up in jail after posting compromising photos.

Posting phrases such as “I shot the sheriff” or photo captions such as “chugging liquor and smoking a doobie” are probably not a good idea to be posting if you want to stay clear of legal problems. Then again, you do have freedom of speech so feel free to post whatever you want!