How to “Use Facebook as Page” to Raise Brand Awareness and Gain Fans

The following is an excerpt of an entry in our Facebook Marketing Bible. The full version contains walk-throughs and strategies for posting links to your Page on other Pages, creating Events as a Page, and finding content to post to your fans through a news feed of Pages that your Page Likes. 

When Facebook redesigned Pages in February 2011 one of the features it implemented was the ability for administrators to use Facebook ‘as’ their Page (as opposed to as a user), providing access to additional tools and allowing admins to interact and engage in and around Facebook as their brand. Here we’ll walk-through how to “Use Facebook as Page” to gain exposure for your Page and increase your Like count.

The benefits of doing this include:

  • Easy access to Page metrics, including new fans, activity, Likes and comments
  • Personalized Page News Feed
  • Page Events
  • Engagement with other Pages, raising brand awareness around Facebook and driving visitors and new Likes

Using Facebook as Your Page

To use Facebook as your Page, login as normal and click the drop-down arrow on the far right side of the top navigation bar and select “Use Facebook as Page”. Then select which of the Pages you admin to browse as.

Alternatively, visit your Page, then click on the ‘Use Facebook as [Page name]’ link at the top of the right sidebar’s admin menu. The screen will refresh and you will now be using Facebook as your Page.

To revert back to using Facebook as your user profile, select “Switch back to [your name] link in the top navigation drop-down, or click on the now-changed “Use Facebook as [your name]” link at the top of your Page’s right sidebar.

Page Likes and Notifications

There are subtle but important changes to the way the site works when you are using Facebook as your Page. The Likes and Notifications buttons on the top left of the Page now display data for the Page itself (as opposed to the user’s profile) – click on either of these to display more information.

If you visit Facebook’s Notifications section whilst using Facebook as your Page you will see all of the notifications for that Page, which can be convenient as an overview of activity over the past week.

Friend requests is replaced with a count of new Likes of your Page. Notifications is replaced with a list of mentions, shares, wall posts, post comments and user activity on or related to your page. This can be a great way of keeping track of influencers that are interacting with or sharing your Page’s content.

Note that there is no way to access Messages while using Facebook as a Page as Pages cannot currently send private messages to users. Similarly, while Pages can visit the profiles of users, they cannot post on their walls or comment on their posts, but can reshare their posts.

Access walk-throughs and strategies for how to “Use Facebook as Page” to engage with other Pages and distribute links to your Page in the full version of this article, available in the Facebook Marketing Bible, Inside Network’s comprehensive guide to how all of Facebook’s features can be employed for marketing.