Use Cross-Promotion To Skyrocket Your Facebook Page Fan Base

This is Day 18 of the 30 Days to 3,000 Fans program. You can learn more about the program here.
Have you already invested time and money in building your web presence? Take advantage of it and use your website to cross-promote your Facebook Page. Many people are concerned that directing visitors from their website to their Facebook Page isn’t useful because those users end up not returning to the site. Ultimately the user’s navigational pattern should be based on the goals for your site.

Driving users to your Facebook Page is extremely useful for creating an ongoing dialogue. As I previously wrote in “The 5 Phases of the Facebook Sales Funnel“, Facebook pages provide an optimal platform for building relationships with your existing and future customers. This is why driving users from your website to your Facebook Page is important. While Facebook Pages may one day be able to exist on your own site, for the time being the product provides marketers with an instant community platform.

If you don’t want the user to leave your site but you’d like them to become a fan right away you can use the Facebook fan box as we’ll discuss in more detail later in this program. Depending on the size of your website and your organization’s goals you can determine which is the best way to promote your Facebook Page. Linking directly to your Facebook page is a great way to generate new fans and to continue the engagement.

Cross Promotion Icon

Send Them Back To Your Site

Now that you’ve directed a user from your website to your Facebook Page, it’s time to do the exact opposite! Once a user becomes a fan of your Facebook Page, they will receive status updates in the news feed as we’ve already described. Some of the links you provide should direct the user back to your website. I say that assuming that you have regularly updated content on your website as well. If you don’t, your Facebook Page may be good enough for engaging users.

If you don’t have regularly updated content on your website, what’s the point of having a website though? If you aren’t updating it regularly with content, you may want to consider setting up a blog so that you have something to keep users coming back. As any effective marketer knows, it takes a customer numerous times of seeing your brand before they decide to make a purchase with you.

A Perfect Balance

Each company will have its own goals and those goals should dictate what types of promotional activities you do. At the least, you should consider driving users directly from your website to Facebook Pages in order to engage them on an ongoing basis. This guide isn’t meant to explore the intricacies of user’s navigational patterns within your site but I would strongly recommend making the process of turning new visitors into fans an integral part of your site.

Daily Task

Place a conveniently located link to your Facebook Page from your website. Take some time determining where to place the link. Also consider testing out the location against other locations and measure the impact of each.