Use AppsFire To Discover New Android Apps

With thousands of apps in the Android Market, it is getting harder to discover new apps. Appsfire is an Android application that helps you find new applications. When you start Appsfire it scans and displays the apps that are installed on your phone, and it includes the ability to move apps in phone storage to the SD card. App discovery is in two sections, Discover and AppMixes.

Discover includes an app recommendation engine that provides a list of recommended apps based on what is installed on your phone. Appsfire recommended to me had a bunch of games that I am not interested in, but it did include a few like Waze and Touiteur that seem to be a good fit to my interests. Discover also includes ranked apps (top paid, top free, etc..) and lists provided by people, like Paul O’Brien from

AppMixes provides Android app lists created by third parties like the New York Times and It also includes some app lists based on specific categories, for example there is a group of Best Twitter apps for Android from a number of different web sites. AppsMixes also includes a list of Adobe AIR apps, which you can run if you have Adobe AIR installed on your phone.

From my brief experience with Appsfire, I think displays a nice variety of different ways to find new Android apps. Appsfire combined with the Android Market’s new related feature, are big helps in finding apps on an Android phone. Appsfire is also available for iPhone and iPad.