Use An iPad As A Secondary Windows Monitor

Ever since I got my iPad I have wanted to use it as a secondary computer display. The 9.7 inch display on the iPad is larger than the display on my netbook, and it is large enough to be very useful as a secondary display with any desktop or notebook computer. Mac users have had the ability to use the iPad as a secondary display by using the Air Display iPad application, but Windows users have been left out until today with the launch of MaxiVista for the iPad.

Using an iPad as a second display with an Asus netbook by using MaxiVista For iPad

MaxiVista for the iPad costs $9.99 and enables you to use an iPad as a second display for Windows computers. MaxiVista works with Windows 7, Vista, and XP and supports 32-bit and 64 bit versions of Windows.

To start using your iPad as a second display, purchase the MaxiVista app in the iPad app store. Next, download the Windows software from the MaxiVista web site and install it on your PC. The MaxiVista installation on Windows requires a reboot of your computer before you can start using the program. Start the MaxiVista app on your iPad and then start the MaxiVista iPad app on the PC.

If you have a firewall on your PC MaxiVista will automatically configure the settings so that it can communicate with the iPad over your LAN, and the iPad and PC have to be connected to the same network. The MaxiVista Windows app automatically searches for and connects to the iPad, and then you are prompted to move the mouse towards your iPad so MaxiVista knows whether it is to the left or right of your main screen. If multiple people are trying to use the iPad + MaxiVista + Windows configuration on the same network, you will need to configure MaxiVista in Windows with the IP address of your iPad otherwise the program may not connect to the right iPad.

If you run Windows 7 or Vista with Aero the display will change to a more basic setting. MaxiVista uses a special video driver to support the dual display and I found that Evernote does not work well with the display. The Windows display on the iPad is very clear and very responsive. When I type on the iPad the cursor moves with no lag and the mouse is responsive.

If you have never used two monitors, you will find that adding a second display makes you more productive. I am particularly looking forward to using my iPad as a secondary display with my Asus netbook when I am traveling and still need to be productive. MaxiVista for iPad works as advertised and at $9.99 I think it is a great value.