USC Tragedy Delivers KFI’s Unlikeliest Correspondent: Jungle Kid 55

Tim Conway Jr. (pictured) has been on the air at KFI AM 640 for several years now. During that time, he has fielded many phone calls, but he insisted the one received last night from an anonymous West Adams area resident was the best such conversation yet. So much so that he chose to repeat it later on during his Wednesday program.

The African-American, adult male caller – who asked to remain anonymous and later said the show could refer to him as “Jungle Kid 55” – provided Conway Jr. and newsman Aron Bender with unverified but entirely believable information about the brutal Wednesday morning murder of two foreign USC graduate students:

– He said the incident was not a failed carjacking but rather a robbery, during which the victims refused to surrender possessions including an iPhone;

-He suggested that “word on the street” was that the perpetrator was African-American and a recent parolee;

– He also went into detail about where and how USC students are generally targeted in the neighborhood.

A producer for “The Tim Conway Jr. Show” logged Jungle Kid 55’s telephone number off air, after the latter agreed to be the show’s “go-to guy” for this “sort of thing.” The host meanwhile later revealed that another news outlet had called to get JK55’s number, but as promised, Conway Jr. refused to provide it.

Some listeners are already looking forward to Jungle Kid’s second contribution to the program:

[Photo of Conway Jr. taken from show’s official Facebook page]