USC J-School Students to Help with LAT Homicide Report Blog

This is one way to keep students off the streets. Get them elbow deep covering the waves of senseless violence in central LA. And way to score free labor, LAT. Nothing says “respectful vigil” like having it covered by undergrads.

Megan Garvey writes on LA Now:

The Los Angeles Times and USC’s Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism today announced a collaboration to produce stories for The Times’ Homicide Report blog.

Under the partnership, students from USC will write dispatches for the Homicide Report. Among the goals is to provide more content for the blog and to offer crime-reporting experience to student journalists from Neon Tommy, the publication of Annenberg Digital News.

This partnership coincides with the re-launch this week of the Homicide Report, which now features a searchable database and an interactive map of the more than 2,600 killings in L.A. County in the last three years.

Still, we’re glad to see the Homicide Report back.

LAT Homicide Blog Takes a Break?