USAToday Wins Media League Softball Championship


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Congratulations to USAToday, which has the (proud?) honor of winning the media softball league championship. Despite all the drama leading up to this weekend’s event, the playoffs were rather, well, boring. One reader writes in:

    I’m embarrassed to report that nothing catty or snarky or even, really comic occurred at this weekend’s media softball steel cage playoff match. It was very Norman Rockwell, everyone played like good sports, etc.

The reader also has a nomination for Coach of the Year:

    Props to Jeff St. Onge of Bloomberg who was the coach of this rag-tag collection of journalism mutts who’s only commonality is that they or their employers pay the hefty Press Club dues. Jeff rocked. Coach of the Year.

See the final standings here. Oh, and dead last? WUSA. Next year, fellas…