Another Record For Usain Bolt With 80,000 Tweets Per Minute Twitter Olympic Victory [STATS]

Usain Bolt’s successful defense of his 200m title, his second gold following his 100m victory at the London Olympics, led to so much discussion on Twitter that it set a new record during the Games, with a heady 80,000 tweets per minute flurry during his win.

The news was broken by the official Twitter account shortly after Bolt’s outstanding performance.

Bolt paid respect to his fans – and himself – on Twitter, too.

Note that this is a tweets per minute peak, and for the Olympics only. Twitter’s all-time tweets per second (TPS) sporting record is still held by July’s Euro 2012 final, which peaked at 15,358, and that was a long way short of the all-time high of 25,088 TPS, held by a TV screening of Castle In The Sky in Japan back in December of last year. Eight months later, we’re still scratching our heads over that one.

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