USAID Promotes US International Relief Efforts on Facebook

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is using Facebook to promote the government’s humanitarian efforts around the world. The Page has about 5,000 Likes and incorporates Notes, videos, photos and discussions to share its message; posts usually only receive several dozen comments or Likes.

We’ve already written about several ways governments are using Facebook to conduct business. The U.S. Census Bureau created an application to help spread the word about filling out census forms, some governments use Facebook to distribute information about elections or promote parks, mayors use Facebook to communicate with their constituents and police may receive crime tips via Facebook.

USAID posts daily, sometimes more than daily, about its mission and work around the world. This often includes government videos, photos, web sites and blogs, but also news stories about global health and development, but also issues like family planning, Haiti and HIV.

The Notes section includes what appear to be press releases and blog posts from USAID’s web site. A Travel tab includes a Where I’ve Been app integration and a travel question of the day. There are also some discussions, photos and videos on the Page pertaining to USAID’s work.

USAID’s aim seems to be spreading the word about the positive projects the U.S. government provides around the world; the department also has a Twitter account.