Usability More Important than Price for Mobile Content

Olista, a company that describes itself as a service adoption management (SAM) vendor, has come out with a study on mobile content consumption. Olista monitored 11 million users and “hundreds of millions of usage events” on five mobile operator networks that use its platform, reports. The key finding? Mobile data service adoption is hampered more by lack of usability than by price.

According to the article, Olista’s research found that more than 60% of music and video downloads occur off-portal, which, it says, shows the difficulty operators have with getting users to access and buy their on-portal offerings.

The research also showed that nearly a third of mobile users download the same content multiple times and – bad news for the video providers – 85% of mobile TV users gave up after only tuning in once. Olista learned that difficulty in navigating between channels caused a lot of the users to abandon the service, the article said.

Olista’s SAM platform shows mobile operators real-time usage data so they can try to fix problems before they become apparent to users.