USA Today Sports Weekly Celebrates 25 Years

Sealed in its first year with a compliment from Roger Angell.

Last fall, The New Yorker editor David Remnick told Fast Company that baseball writer Roger Angell had adapted to the Web “with as much energy as a 25-year-old blogger.” Albeit a blogger with the rare privilege of posting if and when they see fit.

At press time, Angell’s most recent New Yorker blog post is dated Nov. 5, 2015. And in fact, not long after that youthful praise, Angell told Remnick on an episode of The New Yorker Radio that he was contemplating “stopping blogging,” because he felt his online items were not up to the level of his print pieces.

Coincidentally, another bit of Angell-25 years juxtaposition was shared this month by Tim Wendel, an original writer and editor of USA Today Baseball Weekly. The magazine, launched April 11, 1991, changed its name to USA Today Sports Weekly in 2002 as it expanded to cover the NFL and, occasionally, other sports. From Wendel’s essay:

Copies of Baseball Weekly showed up in movies such as Summer Catch and Shallow Hal and in episodes of Eastbound & Down and Family Guy. [Editor Paul] White remembers Bob Dylan photographed reading Baseball Weekly in a convenience store.

My favorite “a-ha moment” came sometime during the playoffs after that first [1991] season. I was often seated next to Roger Angell of The New Yorker, another who would be enshrined in Cooperstown, in the auxiliary press box. During a game, he told me, “You guys put out a great magazine. I read it every week.”

For what began as a roll of the dice, there are were no sweeter words.

Indeed. All that’s left this year, in The New Yorker or Sports Weekly, is for Angell to memorialize the final season of Vin Scully. What Scully is to baseball broadcasting, as many have noted, Angell is to baseball writing.

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