USA Today to Offer Jackson Commemorative Editions

Proving that Michael Jackson–mania has not quite died down, USA Today announced Monday that it is offering two “commemorative products recognizing the life and death of Michael Jackson.”

The first offering is a 40-page tabloid-style special edition, “Michael Jackson: 1958-2009” that will be available at newsstands from June 30 to July 27. According to a press release from USA Today, the section will offer “the most up-to-the-minute reporting by the Life section’s reporting staff and music critics.” The edition, available for $4.95 will also examine the singer’s impact on American music, fashion and dance.

For $6.99, fans of the singer, who died suddenly on June 25 at age 50, can purchase a glossy 96-page tribute, which will feature reaction to the King of Pop’s death from USA Today and other papers around the country, as well as tributes to Jackson from the world of music and film, as well as from ordinary fans and USA Today readers.

The two commemoratives are being offered in addition to a reprint of the June 26 edition of USA Today (also available for $4.95), which features the headline “MICHAEL: King of Pop dies” over a 3/4 of the page photo of Michael Jackson.

But USA Today does not have the market cornered on Jackson commemorations. Time magazine today released their commemorative issue that featured reflections from Al Sharpton, Stevie Wonder, Nancy Reagan and Kobe Bryant.

Nielsen Business Media