USA Network Braves the Elements for Viewing Event

The USA Network has kicked off summer, and its summer roster of programming, with an outdoor event at New York City’s Hudson River Park. “Summer on USA,” which will take place over three days (tonight is the final night), gives viewers the chance to check out the network’s new and returning programs on the big screen and with free all-you-can-eat treats.

With the afternoon tornado threat (!) suspended, an eclectic group of viewers gathered yesterday evening for free Bark Hot Dogs, t-shirts, slushies, and a peek at two of the network’s summer shows, Royal Pains and, a new one, Necessary Roughness.

The event has a hashtag, #USAsummer, and an announcer reminded guests a number of times to use it when they share photos, tweet, and otherwise share the news of the event.

Outdoor events can be a tricky business. As I mentioned, there had been serious weather concerns prior to showtime, and Necessary Roughness was ultimately interrupted by lightning. So there’s that element of chance. But no guts no glory. The scenery is gorgeous, and with cool music playing before the start of the shows and a breeze off the water, it definitely had that “summer picnic in the city” kind of vibe.

Another wild card was the crowd. I’m sure there were concerns about whether the weather scare them off. Since this was a free event, people who were just wandering by could come in if they were interested. It takes away from the ability to target an audience, but we did overhear people telling friends to come down. So there’s that. And you definitely couldn’t miss it. The USA logo was plastered everywhere.

And what of the shows? Well… they reminded me of summer beach paperbacks. They go down easy– simple plot lines, attractive people and places, kind of cheeseball, but fun.

Tonight’s the final night of the three-day event. They’ll be showing Burn Notice and a brand new program, Suits.