USA Government in the Mobile App Biz: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that the U.S. Federal Government is getting into the mobile apps game. You can find Mobile Apps page at:
This page, unfortunatley, wants you to page through five web pages to see all the apps. Fortunately, there is an “accesible format” page that is friendly to screen readers for the visual impaired that lists and describes all the apps in a single web page (you can thank Section 508 for this accessible page):
The “apps” are actually a mix of mobile friendly websites, a bunch of iPhone apps, and a couple of Android and BlackBerry apps. Here’s a quick breakdown:
Mobile Friendly Websites: 13
– Alternative Fuel Locator
– Mobile
– EPA Mobile
– FEMA Mobile
– Find Your Embassy
– Fuel
– MedlinePlus Mobile
– My Food-a-Pedia
– My TSA
– U.S. Postal Service Tools
– Mobile
– UV Index
– Veterans Affairs Mobile
iPhone Apps: 5
– BMI Calculator
– FBI’s Most Wanted
– My TSA
– NASA App
– The White House
Android Apps: 3
– Product Recalls
– U.S. Postal Service Tools
– UV Index
BlackBerry Apps: 1
– UV Index