Us Weekly’s Thelma Adams Says They Got It Right in Spiderman 3, Apartment-Wise


We heard from reader Angela over at the site Shelterrific who was pleased to let us know that they’ve got this post up by Us Weekly film critic, Thelma Adams, talking about the set design of the main character’s crappy New York apartment in the new Spiderman 3 film. The verdict: Adams gives a bravo for authenticity. Here’s a little:

It’s classic Manhattan pre-war dingey. I’d eyeball it at 150 sf. The pay phone is in the hall. The studio walls aren’t so much painted, as slathered with various coats of paint — some may even have been white once! The door, with its three locks, sticks. There are interesting moldings and sconces that give the room “character,” but the little white sink near the hot-plate hangs off the wall precariously, giving the impression that you’d bang your head on the shelving when brushing your teeth.