US Weekly Sells Advertising On Its Facebook Page; Facebook Doesn’t Get A Dime

Entertainment/celeb magazine US Weekly has unveiled a sponsorship on its Facebook page, AdAge reports.
The sponsorship by State Farm is a part of a bigger campaign that the insurance giant is running with US Weekly, but the mag, according to AdAge, “plans to use Facebook page sponsorships as added value or independent ad inventory for other advertisers after that.”
A Facebook rep didn’t comment, but the social network is not receiving any money from the deal.
My question is, who visits Facebook pages more than once or twice? At least in my own use of the site, once I become a fan, I’ll read the page’s status updates in my stream, but won’t visit the page directly. Maybe my usage is different from others. How about you guys? Do you visit a lot of Facebook Pages? Does the number of facebook fans translate directly into ad exposure/revenue? What do you think?