Us Weekly Blogger: ‘Everything I Write’ Has To Be Copy-Edited, Fact-Checked, Approved By ‘One Or Two’ Exec. Editors

Via Jossip:

What is it like running a blog for a corporate media outlet like Wenner? Surely, you have to go through a lot more regulation before content goes up on your site?

Noelle Hancock: The blog is held to the same standards as the magazine. Everything that I write is sent to the copy editing and fact-checking departments. We also have to police the message boards and delete libelous comments or off-topic commentary like, “I bet you look like my butt.”

The items have to be approved by one or two executive editors to make sure I’m not writing about something they’re saving for the magazine or being too offensive — although they give me a lot of leeway in that respect, for which I am very grateful.

Jossiping With Noelle Hancock [Jossip]