US News Report And Their Rankings


Perhaps the mercurial Mort Zuckerman should have listened to Ed Kosner and veered his prestige property US News & World Report more in the direction of a smart American version of The Economist rather than a vehicle for eccentric rankings of everything from colleges to hospitals. The magazine’s empirical methodology in its college rankings drew fire from The Annapolis Group at its annual June meeting attended by seventy one academic deans and eighty leading liberal arts college presidents. Today’s screw up does not augur well for the future of US News & World Report’s credibility at academic rankings. From The AP:

”(Standard & Poor’s), which analyzed data for U.S. News & World Report’s inaugural ranking of America’s top 100 schools, made a mistake in calculating the score for Montpelier High School and erroneously ranked it the nation’s fifth-best public high school.”

”Turns out, the magazine now says, the school’s among the top 500 of 18,000 high schools nationally but not the top five, as the magazine reported in its ‘America’s Best High Schools’ rankings Dec. 1.

”’We feel terrible about having gotten it wrong in the first instance,’ said Brian Kelly, the magazine’s editor. “We’re in the business of getting these numbers right. It’s particularly embarrassing that we’re in the business of judging people based on their math scores, and we got our math wrong.”’

U.S. News & World Report’s inaugural ranking of the Top 100 schools is on newsstands December 17.

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