US Led Facebook’s Worldwide Growth in December, 2009

Despite the fact that more than 70 percent of Facebook’s users are located outside of the United States, this country still produced the most new Facebook users in December — more than 4.5 million of them — according to our latest look at Facebook’s self reported traffic numbers.

Overall, growth continues to be happening more slowly than earlier this year. During the past month, from the beginning of December to January 1st, Facebook’s worldwide user count rose from 337 million to slightly more than 350 million monthly active users, an increase of around 13 million new people.

Besides the US, the top gaining countries in December unsurprisingly included other populous countries, like Indonesia, India and Mexico. India, especially, has seen relatively slow growth versus other parts of the world. Google’s Orkut social network got big in the country earlier this decade, so it is possible that some portion of those users are moving over to Facebook.

The Asian countries on the list — Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia — also saw the highest growth rates. This corresponds to the relatively small size of their Facebook user base versus total population.

More of this data will be available in our latest Global Monitor report, coming out tomorrow.

Note: all of this data is based on estimates of monthly active users made available by Facebook through its advertising tool. It typically seems to be around one month behind Facebook’s current stats; the company announced 350 million monthly actives back on December 1st, for example, and now we’re seeing that number a month later.

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