DC Mayor Pounds Hollywood Pavement

Understandably, the decision by HBO to shoot its new series Veep in Baltimore rather than Washington D.C. has put the latter city’s film office on alert. After all, in the program, Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars as the Vice President.

To bang the drum for D.C.’s contribution to Transformers: Dark Side of Moon and general availability as a location, Beltway mayor Vince Gray (pictured) took time out from this week’s U.S. Conference of Mayors to meet with representatives from several Hollywood studios. All this gave Washington City Paper reporter Benjamin R. Freed a platform for that rarest of journalistic utterances, an envious look from DC at LA:

Excuse us for sounding jealous, but Southern California can really seem to have it all. Today’s weather in downtown Los Angeles—if there is such a thing—is a balmy, low-humidity 75 degrees. (The weather here today is too depressing to print.) Last weekend’s “Carmageddon” came and went with not a bang but a whimper, while highway construction in the DMV seems to be an eternal struggle. And yesterday, they even got our mayor and film commissioner.

Gray also spoke at a film industry lunch sponsored by the MPAA, hoping perhaps he can land something bigger than a Rob Lowe produced reality show. No offense to the former West Wing regular.