US Birthrate Stats Show It’s Time To Rethink Outreach To Moms

Women had the fewest number of babies on record last year.

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The latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control show that birth rates in the US hit a record low in 2013, down nine percent to fewer than 3.93 million. The number of births for women younger than 30 did all of the declining, down 10 percent among teens (yay!), three percent for women between the ages of 20 and 24, and one percent for women between 25 and 29.

However, for women older then 30, the number of babies born actually went up.

The stats indicate a number of things, but for PRs it means there needs to be a rethinking of outreach to mothers in order to stay relevant to this shifting demographic.

First, the look of the moms that are included in campaigns should change to include an older woman. Clearly, not all mothers of small babies are young millennials.

An older mother has likely also waited in order to do other things: have a career, get an advanced education, perhaps travel or date to find a compatible mate. Campaigns should also showcase these experiences and tell these stories. Many of these mothers have probably continued with their careers, adding another dimension to campaigns targeting working mothers.

The CDC also found that the number of twin births has increased as well, to 132,324 in 2013. It’s not tremendous, but it’s worth thinking about ways in which your effort should address mothers and families with a number of small children. If women are waiting longer to have children and want more than one, they will likely be born close together, meaning there will be a couple of little ones to care for.

Finally, the CDC’s figures bolster the prediction from the Census department, which says the number of Latinos in the US will skyrocket in the coming decades. CDC figures show that the number of babies born of Hispanic origin over the past few years has outpaced other racial groups.

Certainly, this doesn’t mean you have to scrap all of your old ideas. But this is a significant way in which the American family is changing. In order to be appeal to prospective customers, your marketing efforts must take these changes into account.

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