Uruguay Doesn't Want to See Their Interior Minister Naked

Uruguay’s interior minister apparently thought it would be a good idea to post photos of herself in the shower on Facebook with the caption, “there’s nothing more natural than a woman in the shower,” according to the Associated Press. Apparently the photo was taken at a shower at the beach and was for private use.

The most entertaining part of the story is probably the comment left on the photo by “ruling party lawmaker Victor Semproni” which stated “I’m thinking about taking a photo of myself in the shower, but a full body shot.” According to our Facebook demographics tool, there are around 200,000 Facebook users in Uruguay out of a population of over 3.47 million.

The whole situation has created a bit of a stir in the country. It’s interesting to see that world leaders of other countries are actively using Facebook as a tool for personal expression and not just for political gain. Politicians are becoming increasingly active on the site as Kristen Nicole highlighted yesterday.

It sounds like this is a simple case of misunderstanding the context of the photo. Contrast this with the Barack Obama beach photo that was made popular when Obama Girl released the video “I got a crush … on Obama“. I doubt anybody will be releasing the “I got a crush on Daisy Tourne” video anytime soon though.