Travel App Inventors Inspired While Visiting LA

The 2011 itinerary for the inventors of travel app Urbandig was pretty straightforward. Point A, Los Angeles, spring; point B, Vancouver, summer; Point C, iTunes, fall. It’s all nicely summarized today by Vancouver Sun reporter Gillian Shaw:

A group of Vancouver new-media types were chatting with friends in LA about the difficulty of finding those out-of-the-way places that may not even rate a mention in the travel guides… Instead of offering up the usual maps and top tips, Urbandig is like having a new best friend in the city you’re visiting. It will show you to the most interesting dive bar, take you on a vintage shopping tour, share secrets on finding the best craft beer and other favourite experiences.

In addition to the logical launch cities of Vancouver and LA, Urbandig is also currently available for San Francisco, New York City and–as of today–Portland. Up next will be Austin, Washington D.C. and Chicago. The app is currently free.

And get this–the first content “curator” in Vancouver was HootSuite creator director of marketing Dave Olson; now that’s some good digital karma. The project was funded with $50,000 from Initio Group.