Urban Optimists: Dan Hill and Russell Davies Want Your Best Places


We gotta say we got a little depressed when we caught wind of the World’s Worst Urban Spaces and Places project that started floating around late last year. Like we need to be reminded again that our cities suck, right? But two of our fave bloggers seemed to share our sentiment, Dan Hill of City of Sound and Russell Davies of, er, Russell Davies, and came up with the concept of the World’s Best Urban Places and Spaces. The plan, at least for now, is to collect lots of your images and eventually start publishing pamphlets, which we think is a splendid idea. Best urban places by city? Best urban parks in the world? We can see it now. Gorgeous shot (above) from the group is by justindula.

The World’s Best Flickr group is up and running and ready for your contributions. However, if you’re feeling particularly down on your town at the moment, the World’s Worst Urban Places group is still looking for submissions, too (but might we mention that the ‘Best’ group already has twice as many photos?). What will be most fascinating to watch is if some places end up on both lists.