Urban Airship reveals new tech for reduced loading times of rich media on mobile

Image via Urban Airship

Mobile relationship management company Urban Airship has today revealed new technology aimed at decreasing the load time of rich media on mobile devices and increasing the speed of campaign execution for advertisers.

Through its cloud platform and “proprietary, mobile-optimized content delivery techniques,” developers utilizing Urban Airship will be able to serve rich media 38 to 58 percent faster than through traditional methods, which can equate to a one to two second reduction in loading time experienced by app users. This, in turn, offers a better experience for users and can lessen the drain on battery life when using associated apps.

In addition, Urban Airship’s platform reduces the need for developers and marketers to utilize their own technical resources to create and launch that rich media. By lessening the demands on developers, apps hit the market faster and new advertising campaigns can be pushed out faster to keep users engaged.

“Our work with the world’s largest brands has shown how powerful frequently updated rich content can be in driving greater mobile app engagement, but traditionally it has meant putting up with longer load times and queue delays for technical resources to create, host and add new media assets to apps,” said Scott Kveton, CEO and co-founder of Urban Airship, in a company statement.

“Our new cloud platform and expert services offers a holistic solution that will usher in richer experiences for mobile users worldwide.”

Urban Airship’s technology also expands to push notifications, in-app messages, Apple Passbook passes and Google Wallet cards. Its technology is responsible for billions of messages delivered each month, across clients including CBS Interactive, Cinemagram and ESPN. More information about Urban Airship is available on the company’s website.