Upworthy Launches Doyin Richards Video Series

In Episode 1, Richards revisits his wife's miscarriage.

“When you think about miscarriages, we never hear what the dad feels.” So suggests Doyin Richards in “Miscarriage,” Episode 1 of Upworthy’s new seven-part video series What Dads Do.

The episode was posted on YouTube today and will follow on Facebook tomorrow. The plan is for Upworthy to continue sharing on a weekly basis through the summer.

Some time ago, Richards, who lives in Los Angeles, took a photo of himself styling his two daughters’ hair. When he blogged about this on his site Daddy Doin’ Work, the image went viral.

We took a look at a couple of other, future episodes, and they are top-notch. In “Nails,” Richards talks about the eye rolls and side-eye that often greet him when, as a 6’2″ 205-pound black man, he walks into a nail salon with his daughters to get his own mani-pedi, with them. And in “Empathy,” Richards explains why he thinks that quality, along with resilience, are the most important ones a parent can instill in their children.