Uptown Introduces Corporate Spin-Off Uptown Professional

Uptown, the bimonthly lifestyle mag for affluent African-Americans, will debut a quarterly spin-off called Uptown Professional that targets corporate employees and business savvy readers.  The inaugural issue will be paired up with 100,000 copies of the March edition of Uptown and distributed on newsstands, in bookstores, and among professional network groups.  Following the release of the first issue, Uptown Professional will be sold separately from Uptown.

The introductory edition of Uptown Professional takes a look at the top 100 African American, Latino, and Asian executives in the country.  The magazine plans to roll out a list of top companies for diversity and inclusion for the June issue.  The March mag will have over 30 ad pages and, according to Uptown Media CEO Len Burnett, is expected to set the tone for a profitable venture complete with a weekly newsletter, website, and seasonal networking events.

Publisher Robert Ingram reinforced the value of the new title to professional audiences.

The key in this environment is that you have something that’s relevant and new and something that’s tied to initiatives that corporations, particularly in the C-suite, see as intergal to their businesses.  A publication that goes to a multi-ethnic or urban group is something that’s attractive to many corporations.