UpTo social calendar receives new features in Version 2.0 update

In an effort to improve its productivity offerings, social calendar UpTo has launched Version 2.0, an optimized calendar experience that takes the “social-first, calendar-second” ideology of the original application and switches things around. Now, the app contains more features for calendar organization, while also allowing for the social features that users have come to expect.

UpTo has been given a new design and user interface, including a “swipe-to-hide” ability that allows users to dismiss events they aren’t interested in. For instance, if a friend adds their child’s birthday or school event to their own calendar, and then shares that event with friends, friends can dismiss the event if they’re not interested. On the other hand, users can also tap on “I’m in” to seamlessly join the event and add it to their own calendar.

UpTo also includes red, yellow and green day markings, representing how busy a particular day is. These are shown in bulk on the UpTo monthly view, so users quickly know which days to avoid for extra events, and which days still have more room.

Corporate clients can use UpTo as an outlet for targeted messages, sending discounts and coupons to users that have already marked themselves as attending a specific event (like a convention or concert), and an all new “Discover” feature allows users to browse events across categories and more than 5,000 public event streams.

UpTo is now available to download for free on iOS and Android, with the features of the 2.0 update available on both platforms.