Uptick in February Hiring Looks Good for Economic Recovery

There’s good news on the horizon for everyone keeping score with the economy.

As per CareerCast’.com/JobSerf’s Employment Index, national hiring climbed by 4.9 points in February. What exactly does this mean? Compared to a 2.2 increase in January it’s on the way up and reflects job growth across the country.

On the site, JobSerf CEO Jay Martin dished, “All of the cities in our Index showed positive growth. If this is maintained, it will be a sign of a real recovery.”

Numbers compared to last year show a significant increase since January 2013 data was a little below January 2008 numbers. Scary indeed.

Perhaps now that the Fiscal Cliff conversations that permeated the media during the new year are now quieted so hiring managers can proceed as planned.

As for the numbers themselves, the index calculate the number of managerial jobs every month. They survey job boards on a local and national basis across the country. With a base score of 100 representing the volume of base jobs in 2008, a February score of 103.9 means there are more jobs available to job seekers than there were five years ago.