Upsight launches Upsight GeoTrigger for real-world mobile marketing campaigns

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Mobile analytics and marketing company Upsight (formerly Kontagent-PlayHaven) has announced the beta launch of its Upsight GeoTrigger solution for mobile marketers. Upsight GeoTrigger works to help marketers discover where users are in the real world while completing specific actions, and then engage with them via relevant campaigns.

Upsight GeoTrigger utilizes data from Upsight’s analytics platform to determine where users are located when most engaged with an app. That is, identifying locations where frequent logins take place, or even where purchases are most often made. Using this data, marketers can create mobile marketing campaigns to target users at these precise locations.

Geo-fences can be created in multiple sizes, from whole countries to individual buildings. If a user frequently makes purchases while at work or a coffee shop, for instance, new marketing could be pushed to the user when entering those same locations. The platform allows developers to control the end user experience, limiting the number of times the same message is shown to avoid annoying them, or scheduling the campaign to send follow-up push notifications hours or days later.

The platform has already been tested by a few companies, including social networking and dating app Wyldfire, which uses it to share nearby community activities and events with potential daters.

“At Wyldfire, we’re always looking for new, inventive ways to bring our users closer to each other and build stronger connections,” said Brian Freeman, CEO of Wyldfire. “We’re incredibly excited to integrate Upsight into our marketing strategy, and leverage GeoTrigger to notify daters of our invite-only events, flash parties, and fun activities nearby. This will help drive offline engagement from our users in a way not seen before by a social dating network.”

Upsight GeoTrigger is now available in beta for iOS and Android developers.

“With the unprecedented consumer adoption of smartphones, mobile-focused businesses are inundated with volumes of user data,” added Andy Yang, CEO of Upsight. “Upsight GeoTrigger makes geolocation data actionable, adding another targeting parameter to help mobile marketers deploy differentiated user experiences that can improve customer loyalty and revenue at the street level.”