Upload Documents, Earn Money With DocCash

Since late 2007 we have been singing the praise of DocStoc, the Flash paper-based document sharing portal. With over 3 million docs to date, the site is a repository of useful business forms, templates and important text. From college essays to coupons – diagrams to quizzes – DocStoc has it all.

And now you have an extra incentive (as if good karma weren’t enough!) to upload your docs. Meet DocCash, the program that pays uploaders revenue that is generated from Google Ads that run alongside documents. The split is a very fair 50/50.

The ultimate in passive income – and who couldn’t use more of that! – checks are sent every month without you having to lift a finger.

Docstoc has been playing catch up with competitor Scribd for quite some time. And while I have always received a healthy chunk of blog traffic from the latter, the idea of making a few bucks is quite appealing. What better way to add more docs then to reward the uploaders?

Other DocStoc Improvements:

New Docstoc Home Page

Our new home page has been redesigned to feature topical documents breaking in the news, as well as collections of highly sought-after professional documents. Our content is refreshed daily, so there is always something new and interesting to discover at Docstoc. And our new homepage is a powerful way to promote and feature you and your content to the millions of our visitors.

Docstoc API

Allows you access to Docstoc’s arsenal of document storing, previewing and showcasing tools for incorporation into your product or service. Docstoc’s API offers a customizable and powerful way to upload documents to either Docstoc or your Website, convert these documents to our Docstoc viewer, manage existing documents on your website, and much more.


The best way to showcase multiple documents via your Website and Blog without consuming site real estate. Simply add your custom DocShots code one time into the background of your site and all your posted documents (.doc, .pdf, .ppt, .xls) will be converted to hover-able links that enable instant document previewing and downloading.

Docstoc is officially out of beta. Congrats!

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