Upfronts 2006: The Essential Roundup

Compiling coverage of television’s 2006 Upfronts from various media outlets — including ours — so you don’t have to.


  • New fall lineup [WaPo]
  • NBC banking on drama [NYP]
  • Lorne Michaels furious over Sunset Strip‘s greenlight? [Page Six]


  • Is CBS playing it too safe? [TVSquad]
  • CBS still reticent [FBLA]


  • American Idol clips to be sold on americanidol.com, not iTunes [Variety]


  • Moves Grey’s Anatomy, drops most of its sitcoms. The move pits Grey’s Anatomy, CBS’ CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NBC’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. [San Jose Mercury News]
  • Announces 12 new shows [TVSquad]

    The Advertisers

  • J&J to Skip Network TV’s ‘Upfront’ Market [WSJ]
  • Johnson & Johnson TiVo’s Through Upfronts [FBNY]
  • TiVo Gets Major ‘Upfront’ Ad Commitment [FBNY]

    The Pundits

  • TV that looks more and more like movies [NYT]
  • How TV can learn from print’s mistakes in navigating the Internet [MSNBC]