Upfront round-up: NBC gets dramatic, CBS still reticent

The LA Times covers NBC fall line-up and the drama that is involved in fashioning a schedule when you have, quite literally, nothing to lose.


“The network is drastically remaking its schedule, scrapping nearly every new show that it launched last season except for the quirky hit ‘My Name is Earl.’ (Game show “Deal or No Deal” is also returning twice a week.) [NBC Entertainment president Kevin] Reilly acknowledged that NBC has undergone extensive soul-searching about its past strategy, saying, ‘If we didn’t examine ourselves over the last couple of seasons, I think we would have been nuts.'”

Most exciting? The return of “West Wing” burn-out Aaron Sorkin, whose “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” is the linchpin of the Peacock lineup.

Meanwhile, over at CBS, Nikki Fiinke carries an extensive aggregation of CBS’ new fall shows, replete with loglines.

NBC might well have turned a corner: Adding to its chances, this is the first time in almost eight years that the Peacock will have Sunday Night Football available to promote it’s new roster of comedies. God knows, they’re gonna need it.