Upfront and Personal

In another brave foray into cyberspace, latimes.com is running a web-exclusive blog about the upfronts this week by correspondent Shawn Hubler. Today’s post includes a snapshot of aborted network PR gamesmanship:

NBC is going first, and, as noted today by The Times’ Scott Collins, what once felt like a fun, kicky, sort of shock-and-awe thing now feels to the poor, beleaguered peacock like showing the first hand in a game of high-stakes celebrity poker.

Worse, for a moment, it appeared NBC’s presentation this morning would be upstaged by a brazen act of PR chutzpah, an ABC press conference — subsequently canceled — that conveniently conflicted, ever so slightly, with NBC’s dog-and-pony show.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles sure feels spiritually empty with all those television executives in New York. There’s a real moral void.