Updated Facebook Stats Show Five Quiz Applications With 42 Million Users

Earlier this morning, we noted that Facebook has made some significant changes in public statistics reporting for applications on its platform. While these changes appear to have mainly affected stats, rather than the way the apps work, they have nonetheless revealed some interesting, previously unknown facts about the platform.

For example, the top five quiz-creator apps, a long time popular category that sustains several companies, are actually massive, holding 42 million monthly active users between themselves (non-deduplicated, of course — one user could be using all of them, and be counted separately for each one). Here they are, by MAU size.

Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Quiz Planet!18,759,590+15,281,967+439.44
2. Quiz Monster14,642,051+9,218,591+169.98
3. Quiz Creator4,813,376+4,524,233+1,564.70
4. Create your Quiz3,173,185+3,170,358+112,145.67
5. QuizBone844,279+794,302+1,589.34

A quick explanation of these apps: users visit them to create quizzes, for friends or strangers, like Which Sex and the City Girl are you??? and Your personality in one word. These quizzes are generally far from professionally written, but they do attract lots of users.

The successful quiz creators all started out with the same mechanic, which is  spinning out a new app for each quiz created. While the quizzes all had internal links that moved their takers on to more quizzes from the same parent application, the sheer number of quizzes made it difficult to tally up how many MAU each app had captured.

Now that Facebook is counting the traffic of created quizzes toward the total of the parent, we can see that the top-ranked quiz creator, Quiz Planet! by Friendly Quizzes, has 18.7 million MAU, making it Facebook’s ninth-largest app overall by MAU, ranking just behind Mafia Wars. Not far behind, Quiz Monster has 14.6 million MAU.

Any given quiz creator, of course, will make its owner much less money than an equivalently-sized game — there are usually no virtual goods for users to buy, and far fewer come back as daily active users, as you can see from the AppData pages of any of the five quiz creator apps above. But millions of users still add up to significant revenue, if mainly through in-app advertising. This way, one of the listed quiz creators, simply named Quiz Creator, is helping to ease developer LOLapps‘ transition to becoming a game publisher (the company also owns Gift Creator, a variation on the quiz creator theme that turns out to have 4.6 million MAU).

For now, Facebook doesn’t appear to have forced the quiz creators to actually integrate their quizzes into their respective quiz parent apps — although Quiz Monster has done so on its own. The change in reporting could be an intermediate step to Facebook directing the quiz creators to keep all the quizzes within one app.

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