Update: Walmart is Selling Capitalism in Stores

Yesterday filmmaker Michael Moore tweeted that the DVD of his movie Capitalism: A Love Story was not being sold in Walmart stores, only online. Then he was sent photographs from people all over the country showing that Walmart was in fact carrying the DVD. Crowdsourcing! So the Walmart site was incorrect.

In a funny twist to this whole saga:
Moore released his last documentary Sicko online for free. So the movie not about the corruption of making money at any price – didn’t have a price.

Moore writes on his blog:

The fact that Wal-Mart is carrying this movie — a movie that specifically exposes Wal-Mart’s past practice of taking out secret “dead peasant” life insurance policies on its employees and naming itself as the lone beneficiary should the employee meet an “untimely” early death — well, my friends, need you any further proof that Corporate America is so secure in its position as the ruler of our country, so sure of its infallible power that, yes, they can even sell a movie that attacks them because it poses absolutely no threat to them?

A sane person would think that Wal-Mart would never carry “Capitalism: A Love Story” because it’s simply not in their best interests to inform their customers of their shady past. After all, many Wal-Mart stores wouldn’t carry “Bowling for Columbine” back in 2003. That was *Kmart* I went after (for selling the ammo to the Columbine killers)! But I guess that was too Mart-y close for Wal-Mart — so no DVDs were allowed of that film on the shelves of some of the world’s biggest retail chain’s stores (the movie studio estimated that cost them $2.5 million in sales).