UPDATE on Our ’30 Under 30′ Project

Your response has been overwhelming...in a good way!

Hello readers and PR “czars,”

After less than four days, we’ve had an overwhelming response to our call for nominees for the “30 Under 30” project, which will shine a little light on some of the many talented young people in the industry.

Don’t worry if we haven’t responded — we’ve barely begun combing through the entries at the moment as our editor has a bit of a full plate, but we’d like to clarify on some points:

  • We will continue to consider nominations throughout the next week
  • Unlike some organizations, we will NOT charge anyone for participating
  • We’re flexible on the “under 30” part: if your nominee happens to have reached that particular age, he/she will still be considered

We’d also love to have a couple of things for each nominee:

  • A headshot in case you don’t want us to use whatever’s publicly available on Twitter/LinkedIn/company website
  • A fun, quick factoid: top PR tip, favorite journalist to work with, industry must-follow account, etc. Surprise us!

Thanks to all, and please continue sending us your (possibly revised) nominees!

Again, our address is prnewser[at]adweek[dot]com.

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