UPDATE: Johnson Out As AP DC Bureau Chief

Earlier on FishbowlDC: “Sandy Johnson Leaves AP

We’re hearing more…

-Lots of folks in the newsroom are calling it a “firing” although the memo does mention that she’s been offered a position at AP (no word if she’ll take it or what the position is). “Forced out” is how one AP source put it. Besides, Sandra beginning her farewell note with “With great sadness, I am leaving my position as Washington bureau chief today,” does seem to offer a hint at how things went down. It’s no secret that Sandy Johnson and the AP management in New York have never gotten along. In fact, some have wondered how she managed to last this long given the tension.

Ron Fournier will take over as active DC Bureau Chief.

-Odd timing? You bet (kinda Glasser-like, really). It’s the middle of a nomination fight and Johnson always called the AP’s state races, so who’s gonna call them on Tuesday? It will be Ron, although he’s never been in that position before.

-Management from NY came down this morning to meet with the DC news editors.

-Fournier is very well respected within the DC bureau and has a great ability to look forward. He’ll likely be consumed with helping to bring the AP into the digital age.