Update From ‘The Cove’ in Taiji Japan

Ric O’Barry, the activist featured in 2010 Academy Award-winning documentary The Cove, checks in on Huffington Post with some horrible stories from Japan. In Taiji, the city where the documentary was filmed, O’Barry reports that 24 dolphins who were kept in pens by Japanese fisherman were dashed to death on the rocks during the tsunami.

O’Barry also posted the video above, which his team from SaveJapanDolphins.org, stationed 700 miles north of Taiji in Iwate Prefecture, shot near the epicenter of the tragedy. After the video ends, this is what happened, according to Barry:

They watched in horror as the tides receded and then came back with such fierce velocity that the city was quickly submerged. When it ended, they descended into absolute turmoil. By all accounts, it was apocalyptic. The city was ravaged — cars toppled, houses and buildings totally destroyed. Bodies strewn about — one in a tree, others in cars, several in the wreckage. We can’t begin to imagine how horrible it must have been.

At one point, they spent hours trying to save a woman they were never able to reach. Floating on a piece of debris in the harbor, she was too far out and they didn’t have rope or any other equipment. The two teams then “borrowed” an abandoned fire truck, called for authorities and used the loud speaker to call out to boats in the distance. At one point, two boats came close, but then abandoned the effort. She floated off, out of sight. We pray one of the boats found her.