UPDATE: Buzznet Employee Blogs About Prop 8 Arrest


For those of you left wondering about the two Buzznet employees who were arrested during the “Repeal Prop 8” rally last week, Mark Oshiro blogged an update on Buzznet’s site. (That’s not him, by the way, that’s a photo he took of another beaten protester.)

One of the most remarkable things about Oshiro’s experience in jail was how he got out. Unable to reach anybody by phone to tell them he’d been arrested, Oshiro got creative:

After waiting at the Pacific Station for over an hour, Richard was booked in first. I was next, about 20-30 minutes later. While being booked in to jail, I was able to make this Twitter while they were logging in my possessions:


At that point, it was nearly 9pm. Almost 6 hours later, I still was not given the chance to make a phone call, contact a lawyer, or notify anyone that I was arrested. I actually had no idea if anyone knew where I was.