Upcoming Launches Facebook App

UpcomingUpcoming, Yahoo’s social event site, launched their official application on Facebook yesterday. For those that don’t know what Upcoming is, it is a community for discovering and sharing events. It provides a simple way for finding events through your friends and interests. Since writing this article almost 500 people have registered for the application, but I have a feeling that this will increase given Upcoming’s popularity. The application enables users to display a list of events they are already registered to attend. While extremely simple, the implication was developed well (as you would expect from Yahoo) and integrates well with the Facebook platform. The fact that Yahoo is now developing applications for the Facebook platform is pretty interesting. Will Google decide to create their own applications such as Gmail for Facebook? While that seems highly unlikely since Facebook is now a competitor to Google, there is always the possibility. It will be interesting to see how many Facebook applications come out of Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, and AOL. If you want an effective way for maintaining your events on your Facebook profile, go grab the Upcoming application.