Upcoming Adobe Flash Player update could break Facebook apps

Adobe Flash Player FacebookFacebook’s Pete Bratach posted a note tonight regarding a recent notice from the Adobe Flash team that an upcoming April update to the Flash Player could break many Facebook applications. The security update significantly affects cross-domain functionality and could affect a large number of apps that use Flash.

Specifically, if any of the following apply to your app, you will be affected by the update:

  • You use sockets or XMLSockets, regardless of the domain to which you are connecting
  • You use addRequestHeader or URLRequest.requestHeaders in any network API call when sending or loading data cross-domain
  • You provide access to content on remote domains as a web service provider
  • You have SWFs that are exported for Flash Player 7 (SWF7) or earlier that communicate with the hosting HTML by any means
  • You use “javascript:” through network APIs to communicate outside a SWF

For more information, check out the full post at the Adobe Developer Center.