Unveiling of Google’s Android Phone Will Thankfully Bring an End to Google Android Speculation


Make sure you have your face close to the monitor this morning, as 10:30am will find the unveiling of Google‘s iPhone competition, the Android. Teased a while back, the phone, which uses a new open source operating system created by the company, has been paired with T-Mobile and is being heralded as the only big Apple competitor in a sea of iPhone knock-offs, complete with real buttons instead of a touch screen keypad (which it also has). As we’re in the market to replace our beloved, yet extremely aged Blackberry, we’re hoping to see that we’re now faced with two sleek options instead of just what Apple wants us to have. But only time will tell. If anything, we’ll just be happy that speculation stories stop running, like this one from the Telegraph and this one from Computer World, which are filled to the brim with nothing more than guesses or used to make suggestions to the product’s designers (Who are unveiling the phone today! Don’t you understand that?!). Ugh.