Untappd Releases Social Beer Drinking App

Without a doubt beer is best enjoyed with friends and family, making it one of the oldest social experiences. The old school social experience of beer drinking meets the new school social media at Untappd.com. Long only available as a mobile web app, Untappd is now available as native iOS and Android apps.

I installed the Android version of Untapped on to my Nexus S to check out this new social app. If you don’t already have an account with Untappd, you can sign up using your phone. The Untappd app has five different sections, friends, the pub, my tab, notices, and drink up. Friends is where you see any of your friends activity in Untappd, and you can add friends in the next section, the pub.

The pub is where you can see beer check-ins near your location. Untappd uses the location awareness features of Android to determine your current location and then displays all of the check-ins in order of date and location. Most check-ins are a combination of a beer and a location. If you see a particular beer in the pub of interest, you can drill down to see more information about it and add it to your wish list.

In my opinion one of the most useful features of Untappd is it’s venue information, which you can also access via the pub. The venue information includes the top beers checked in at that location, so if you go to a bar you haven’t been to before, you can use Untappd to see which is its most popular beer.

My tab is where all of your information is stored, you can think if of it as your Untappd profile. As you see beers in the pub and add them to your wish list, you will later find them in my tab. Notices is where messages and friend requests appear. From time to time Untappd sends out brief news items that appear in this section.

Drink up is the section where you search for different beers. You see the recent brews that you have checked-in, and related suggested brews from Untappd. The Drink Up section also displays the trending micro and macro brews, in addition to what is trending near your location.

If you are a serious beer drinker or just like to discover new beers being served locally, I think you will find the Untappd app to be a worthwhile addition to your phone. The iOS and Android versions are free and available in the App Store and Android Market.